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Website: The Events Calendar

Our website uses The Events Calendar Pro plugin to manage our online calendar (https://theeventscalendar.com/). 


Events are displayed on a monthly calendar from the Calendar link on the Nav or at http://foothillsu.flywheelsites.com/events/month/.

Events are displayed as a list in chronological order from the Events link on the NAV or at http://foothillsu.flywheelsites.com/events/list/

Categories of events can be displayed together. Ex. http://foothillsu.flywheelsites.com/events/category/small-groups/gather-groups/list/

Event Title

  • Descriptive
  • Short (character limit)

Event Descriptions 

Event descriptions should be succinct, include all information someone would need to succeed to decide if they want to attend. 

Event Categories 

Every Event needs to have a category and if an event fits within a subcategory the parent category should be selected as well. 

  • BaseCamp needs to always have the BaseCamp category
  • GroupLink events need to always have the Small Group and Gather Group categories
  • All Adult Faith Formation Classes should be tagged Workshop and Classes
  • Multigenerational Events should be tagged Whole Family
  • Age Specific Events should be tagged with their age category (preschool, elementary school, etc) under the Family Ministry Category. 
  • All OWL Events should be tagged Sexuality Education 

These categories affect which pages the events show up on. Ex. On the Attend BaseCamp page it will display all the events categorized at BaseCamp.

Categories cannot be added without Jeffrey’s approval. 

Event Options

Under Event Options there are three checkboxes

Hide from Event Listing – this does not display the event on the Event Listing view. This is used to hide recurring, less important events from the events list. 

Sticky in Month View – This floats this event to the top of the events listed on a particular day. Rarely used. 

Featured Events– This changes the colour of the event on the calendar or event listing. This is to be used sparingly for only the most essential or important events. No more than two per week. 

Event Redirects

If information about the event is contained elsewhere, we should always redirect the event post to that place. How to use the simply redirect function

  • Every event with a PCO registration page 
  • Events hosted by a group and their group events calendar will have the most updated information 
  • External events 

Other Event Specifications 

Under The Events Calendar tab within an event you specify the time and date of the event, if it is a series, and location, and organizer.  Organizer, Event cost, and event website are not essential to fill out. 

Each major event should have a featured image. Featured images should be added, opposed to adding an image within the description. Images should have an 16:9 aspect ratio. 

What Doesn’t Go On the Calendar

  • Meetings of individual small groups
  • Sunday worship 
  • Events that would clutter up the events calendar 

Updated on November 26, 2018

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