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Website: Using Resources


Our website has the capacity to serve as a central hub for resources for deepening. 

Resources differ from Posts as they are not announcing news or information about congregational life. Resources are enduring content that will generally be just as relevant 3,6,12,18 months in the future as on the date it was posted. 

Resources have their own post type and can be added by clicking the Resources on the dashboard menu bar.


Each resource must be categorized. The category determines where on the site it will display.  

For example resources categorized as Families will display at foothillsuu.org/families/.


Subcategories allow users to easily sort through resources. 

Do not add categories without approval as new categories will not automatically be sortable from resource page.

Category Breakdown

There are three major types of categories:

  1. Families 
  2. Parents
  3. Leaders


  • Must be categorized
  • Featured image is highly recommended (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Resources can be links to external sites (use the simply redirect function)
  • Do not violate copyright

Updated on November 14, 2018

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