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Video Checklist for Sunday Services (using the iMac)

  1.  Turn on Power Strip on wall of sound booth
  2.  Turn on wireless receiver (on tv cart in social hall)
  3.  Turn on TV in social hall. (switch is the top button in the bottom left back corner)
  4.  Either turn on computer, or log on (if it is already on).  Power switch is back, bottom left.
    1.    Password is “propresenter”
    2.    Once on, open up the program “Pro Presenter” from the dock at the bottom of the screen (just move the mouse to the bottom and the dock will appear)
    3.    When pro presenter opens, click the “output button” in the top right corner.  That will turn the output on to the other screens.
  5.  Lower screen up front.  Either with the switch on the stage or the remote in the window of the sound booth.
  6.  Turn on projector in front.  The remote is the grey remote sitting on one of the shelfs of the pulpit.  The on button is the top left button. Just hold it up high and aim it at the projector.
Updated on September 12, 2018

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