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Using Foothills.Guide


Foothills.Guide is the knowledge base for Foothills Unitarian Church providing in one place access policies, procedures, and important documents and information.

This site should be considered to hold the most updated and valid version of policies and procedures unless noted otherwise.

The site is comprised of articles. Articles are sorted into categories such as:

  • Board Policies
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Staff Procedures
  • Reference
  • Foothills Fundamentals

From the search bar, you can search the entire site. Searching keywords will generate a list of related articles.




Article Anatomy

At the top of each article, you can which category the article is located within.

Table of Contents

The Table of Content on the right-hand side allows you to quickly view and navigate to headings within the article.


At the bottom of each article are any tags it has been given. Clicking a tag will bring you to a list of all articles with those tags.

Update Date

When the article was last updated online. This does not mean when the policy was modified or passed.

Showcasing articles with common tags, categories, or keywords for quick navigation.

Adding An Article

Policies must be approved by the Board.

Procedures must be approved by Staff Lead.

All Articles must include:

  • Date approved for policies and procedures.
  • Correct Category
  • Related Tags

Headings 2-6 will be used to generate the table of contents. 

Ordering Articles

The order articles appear within a category is set manually from the Knowledge Base tab on the dashboard.

Updated on September 12, 2018

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