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Sisterhood Small Group Procedures

Meeting Frequency

Group Leaders and Rev. Sean will meet three times a year in:

  • January
  • April
  • August


Yearly Cycle

  • Each Fall and Winter new sisterhood groups will be formed.
    • At each sisterhood luncheons those interested in joining a group will be invited to sign up.
      • This list will be given to Rev. Sean
    • In February and October a group launch event/training will be held
    • Coaches from existing groups will be assigned to mentor the new group
  • Throughout the year individuals can indicate interest in being part of a group using the online ‘Connect with a Small Group‘ form
    • This form can be found on the Groups page on the website (under the involvement heading)
  • Individual who indicate interest outside of new group formation period (December to February or August to October) will be invited to join an existing group if their is space.
    • To facilitate this smoothly have each individual interested to fill out the Connect with a Small Group form
    • After receiving a completed online form, Staff will then email Group Leaders to assess capacity
    • If there is capacity and alignment of meeting times, the individual will be connected to a group leader
      • Group leaders should connect by phone or in-person to discuss the culture and format of the group to mutually assess if it’s a good fit.
    • If no group can be found their will remain on the list for the next formation event

Responsibilities of Group Leaders


One sentence job description: Create a healthy group culture that cultivates meaning-filled relationships and spiritual deepening.

Big Wins:

  • Members move from renting to owning their spiritual maturity
  • Members are caring for one another
  • Members are deepening their engagement in the life of the church

Why do we need leaders?

Leadership is not about being in charge, but about stewarding. Being in a group is complex, and challenging. Leaders take responsibility for the group living up to its core purpose. Leaders create a culture where each person knows their role and feels responsibility for the group. Having a leader doesn’t mean they do EVERYTHING, but they do make sure that everything gets done.


  • Be Present
  • Create a Brave Space
  • Walk the Walk
  • Invite What’s Next
  • Don’t forget the logistics
    • Monitor the health of your group and reach out to and for support
    • Guard and support the meeting structure and purpose of the group
    • Keep an updated Group Roster Online
    • Take and report meeting attendance

Group Leader Resources

Updated on January 7, 2019

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