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Procedure: Worship Metrics Dashboard

MetricCollected ByHowWhere Stored
Worship Attendance Headcount: Each Service, Adults and Children Anna Counting heads in the sanctuaryPCO Check-In Headcount App & Church Metrics
Children and Youth Small Groups
Each Service:
Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle and High School.
ArielleArielle does class headcounts and PCO Check-In Attendance RecordsPCO Check-In Headcount App & Church Metrics
Plate Contributions: Per services, and SMS GivingVanessaPCO Giving DataPCO Giving (Label and Stamp) & Church Metrics
Facebook Livestream: Peak Viewers and Total Viewing Time – each service~AnnaFacebook Page Video Insights Dashboard
Website Livestream: Peak viewers and total view time
~AnnaSundaystreams report exportDashboard
Newcomers :
Newcomers 1st and 2nd Time Visitors, Newcomers (Children in Family Ministry), Newcomers Follow Up
Kristen and Arielle


Sunday metrics are essential to gauge the health of our congregation. Each set of metrics is collected either automatically or manually and input church metrics by a staff member. 

Link to Current Dashboard

Worship Attendance 

Worship Attendance Metrics per service:

  1. Adult Headcount
  2. Children and Youth HeadCount

These are collected on Sundays using the PCO Headcount App, which stores the information on PCO Check-in’s Sunday Worship Event. 

These metrics are then transferred onto Church Metrics.

Children Small Groups 

Children Small Group metrics per service:

  1. Early Childhood Headcount
  2. Elementary School Headcount
  3. Middle and High School Headcount
  4. Small Group Volunteers 

These are collected on Sundays using the PCO Headcount App, which stores the information on PCO Check-in’s Sunday Religious Education Event.

These metrics are then transferred over to church metrics.

Plate Contributions

Share the Plate metrics per service:

  • Share the Plate Amount

Share the plate metrics per sunday:

  • Share the Plate Text (SMS) Donation Amount.

All Shared the Plate donations are added to PCO Giving by the bookkeeper. Using the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd service labels, the total donation amounts are calculated.

Using the SMS Stamp the total Text(SMS) donation amount is totaled. 

These metrics are then transferred onto Church Metrics. 


Our livestream is currently trifurcated between facebook live, our website, Roku. 


  1. Navigate to https://business.facebook.com/FoothillsUU/
  2. Select Insights from the top navigation menu
  3. Select Videos from the left hand side nav menu
  4. Using the date dropdown menu select the Sunday and click update
  5. Scroll down to view in video files (note videos from pervious sundays viewed on that day will be listed)
  6. Click the video representing each service (note the times are off by an hour)
  7. From the popout record in the dashboard:
    1. Peak Live Viewers
    2. Minutes Viewed

Website and Roku

We cannot currently differentiate between website views and roku views. 

  1. Navigate to https://www.sundaystreams.com/manager and login
  2. Select ‘Reports’ from the side nav menu
  3. Select the Export Options button
  4. The raw data will then dropdown. Select all and copy the data
  5. Paste this data into a excel or google sheet. 
  6. Ignore Columns:
    1. Unique IPS
    2. Max Input Bitrate
    3. Bandwidth USed
  7. Record Max Viewers in Dashboard
  8. Calculate Minutes Viewed
    1. Multiple the ‘View Time (Hour)’ by 60
    2. Record in Dashboard

Inputting on Church Metrics


Updated on May 20, 2019

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