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Procedure: Checking Out A Building Key

After building use is approved

  1. Open the key lock box located in the hallway next to the bulletin board
  2. Remove one key
  3. Locate the Blue key log binder – on credenza behind Kathryn’s desk
  4. Forms: Building key check out agreement and 2. Security check list.
  5. Fill out check out agreement; give security check list to person checking out the key
  6. Show how to unlock/lock doors
  7. PCO: go to the person’s profile, under Custom Tabs, click General, select Edit Answers, and scroll down to Keys. Add key given date, key number, key note (event etc.)
  8. Returning a key: take out form – discard, remove entry from PCO, return key to the box
  9. Return building use deposit check when key is returned (as applicable).
  10. Verify that space was cleaned-up / left in good condition as outlined in Builfing Use Policy 2.4, B.
Updated on September 20, 2018

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