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Posting an Event on Foothillsuu.org

Procedure in transition with launch of website and use of PCO.

Instead of using our google calendar as front-facing calendar on our website, we will soon begin using an events plugin on the website. The plugin allows our users to go to www.foothilluu.org/events and see all the public offerings going on in the church, read information about it, and sign up for it, all in one place.

Why not use the Google Calendar?

Google calendar is a great tool for internal staff communication, but can be overwhelming for people to sort the events that work for them. The events calendar also allows us to put all the information related to an event in one place (description, time, sign up, etc).

When should create a post vs. event?

Events should be created for initiative that have a specific time and date for a public offering. Posts that show up on the front page (tagged front page) highlight trends in the church, areas of the church, stories, testimonies, or to highlight BIG events (but more from a storytelling place than an informative space).

Post also serve as a place to hold marketing/communication information about a specific event so we can pull it for emails and/or other targeted communication.

Do I create both an event and a post?

Most of the time yes, as the post holds the marketing blurb that will be shared with a certain segment.

How do I add an event to the calendar?

Step 1: Navigate to the foothillsuu.org dashboard and click events
Step 2: Click add new on the page that loads
Step 3: Give the event a title and a full description, including time dates, sign up link, and pictures.
Step 4: Scroll down and select the time for the event (if the event happens more than once select the first date of the event)
Step 5: If the event has more than one recurrence, set a recurrence rule. You can chose from daily, weekly, monthly, or custom. Custom is your best bet as it allows you to select options such as, the third of the month, etc.

Note: Adding an event as going on indefinitely can cause the calendar to lag because it is generating events into infinity.  Please set all events that will repete into the foreseeable future to end on May 31st 2017.

Step 6: Add any exclusions to the recurrence rule. For example if a class doesn’t meet on thanksgiving.
Step 7: Select a location and organizer. Once a venue and an organizer is created once, no need to create it again! For location, include specific rooms in the church in the description not in the venue tab.
Step 8: Set the post to expire. A month after the last event set the post to expire, this allows the calendar to more efficiently load. Set how to expire to Draft.
Want more information? Watch this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9oia8rj45ju2g4p/Creating%20an%20Event%20with%20Calendar.mov?dl=0


Updated on September 12, 2018

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