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1. YRUU Behavior Policies

The following are the guidelines and clear expectations for all YRUU participants:

  1. We are a caring community. Participation is encouraged in all gatherings, trips and activities in order to benefit fully from the program. If you find yourself feeling left out, you are encouraged to take initiative and invite yourself into a group. Approaching a youth advisor is a sure way to feel included. It part of their job to help people feel welcome in community.
  2. Participants should have consideration and respect for the physical and emotional well-being of the community, hosts and places of gathering. Inappropriate or offensive language or behavior is not conducive to building community. Please use discretion when using colorful language, telling jokes/stories or playing games. If you feel uncomfortable with any activity happening at the event, do not hesitate to approach a youth advisor.
  3. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Prescription drugs are ok, including nicotine patches or gum if you are a smoker. If you bring any substances to a gathering, you will be asked to turn it in to a youth advisor who will hold it to the end of the gathering. If substance us is discovered, the youth will be asked to leave, no questions asked.
  4. No weapons or implements of harm, violent behavior or language. (This includes laser pointers, utility knives, and bullying) YRUU participation should be in a safe environment. No weapons or implements of harm are necessary or will be tolerated. If you bring an implement of harm to a meeting, on a trip or to any other event, you must turn it in to an advisor who will hold it for the duration of the event, at which time it will be returned to you, no questions asked. Violent behavior or language, including bullying will not be tolerated and consequences will be determined by the YAC (Youth Adult Committee.)
  5. No sexual or sexualized activity. A sexual relationship between youth and an adult is absolutely forbidden. Sometimes romantic relationships develop between youth, but we request that physical aspects of relationships be kept to an absolute minimum. Coupling is exclusive, can make people feel left out and is not conducive to building community.
  6. No one may leave the youth event boundaries without permission. You are here to enjoy the intentional community being created. Please respect this and if you must leave, communicate with an adult prior to taking action.
  7. YRUU) Behavior Covenant (attachment #7) must also be signed by all YRUU participants.

2. Youth Group Advisor Policies

All youth advisors for our YRUU high school youth group must be a minimum of 25 years old. Youth groups should strive to have at least one adult of each gender on an advisor team. Two adult advisors are required to be present with youth at all times. If needed, permissible additional adult advisors may be other team members, committee liaisons, and/or parents approved by advisor and/or DRE. The adult-to-youth ratio will be no less than 1:7.

Any offsite meetings must be approved in advance by the DRE. At the end of all meetings, advisors will ensure that all youth are picked up by parents, or have a designated ride, before leaving Foothills Unitarian Church or the offsite meeting location.

Updated on September 15, 2018

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