Parish Visitor Outreach Guide

Why are we doing this?

  • To strengthen the fabric of connection and community within the church
  • To teach/remind the church of the role of the Parish Visitors
  • To deepen our sense of what is going on in the lives of our people


Each PV will receive a list of households to call with their contact information. Over the next two-three months plan to make contact with all of them. Step 1: Make Call Step. 1.5: Repeat Step 1 until you get in touch Step 2: Record Interactions in New Caring Updates Form or

Conversation Guide

  1. Introduce yourself and share why you are calling
    1. Hi… my name is [Name], I’m on the caring team at Foothills
    2. At our recent parish visitors meeting we all felt present to how much seems to be going on right now – on so many levels. We’re reaching out to the whole church community to check-in.
  2. Question:  How are you (and your family) doing?
    1. Follow-up: What’s helping you meet that challenge/feel grounded/get through this?
    2. Follow-up: Anything we — the church — could be doing to be supportive/helpful?
  3. Question: How/Where are you feeling connected to Foothills right now?
    1. Follow-up: Are you seeking to get more connected? What sort of experience are you looking for?
  4. Question: Anything the church should know right now?

Resource List:

Question/Topic Staff Contact Notes
Pledging & Donations Jeffrey Mizell Church Administrator
Getting Connected to Small Groups Rev. Sean Neil-BarronAssistant Two types of Small Groups:Sisterhood GroupGather Group How to get connected? Contact Rev. Sean or fill out the form at
Watching Worship Online/ Worship Livestream All three sunday morning services are all livestreamed on facebook and on our website. Go to and click Livestream on the menu.
Upcoming Events at Foothills Upcoming Events can be found online at
Find a place to serve/volunteer/help out/share my passions Kristen PsakiMinisterial Many opportunities available. Best way to get connected is fill out the Find a Place to Serve form online ( or to get in touch with Kristen Psaki
Programming for Children (Babies to Elementary School) Eleanor VanDeusenDirector of Family
Programming for Youth (Middle and High School) Emily CongerYouth
In need of support (Rides, Meals, Cards, Listening) Parish Visitor (YOU) Offer this like you would an on-call referral.
Need Pastoral Support / Rite of Passage Rev. Sean Neil-BarronAssistant Connect them with Rev. Sean
Grief Support / Recent Death or Loss Rev. Sean Neil-BarronAssistant “Tangled Blessing” is a group of listening and support that will meet twice a month in November from December to January.   Beginning on Nov. 12th at 6:30. Let by Christopher Watkins-Lamb, a Unitarian Universalist Chaplain and seminarian. In this circle, we will offer readings, prayers, silence and listening ears as we share our stories and experiences. You can attend one or all.  We will share tools and tips, stories and struggles. Join us as we walk together through this shared journey of joy and sorrow, gifts and grief in this tangled blessing of life. Sign up online on our groups page (it’s in the seasonal group category) or directly at
Music or Choir Melissa Monforti Interim Music Choir meets Wednesday from 7-8:30pm at the church. Many opportunities to share musical gifts with the congregation and Melissa is the person to connect with about that.
Spiritual Practices Three Ongoing Spiritual Practices: Earth Based Spiritual GroupMeditation and Mindfulness GroupTai Chi Chih All can be found at in the Spiritual Practices category
Updated on December 17, 2018

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