New Hire Process


Task By Whom To Whom At what point
Position Authorization and Job Description Finalized Senior Minister in collaboration with Hiring Supervisor Heads up to Administrator; must align with budget At least 65 days before needed start date
Position Posted Hiring Supervisor Indeed, Facebook, Foothills website and PWR listings At least 60 days before needed start date
Applications Submitted (Resume/Cover letter or Application) Potential Employees Hiring Supervisor or Administrator (for screening) At least 30 days before needed start date
Interviews Hiring Supervisor, maybe others Employee All interviews should be completed at least 3 weeks out before start date
Reference Checks Hiring Supervisor Employee’s references Completed within a few days after interviews
Selection of Candidate Hiring Supervisor In consultation with Senior Minister Completed within 48 hours of reference checks
Offer Made (Letter) Senior Minister Employee Completed within 48 hours of selection determination
*Offer is Accepted (Signed) Employee Senior Minister or Hiring Supervisor Within 3 days of receiving offer letter.
*Payroll Change Form Completed Hiring Supervisor Administrator who gives to Bookkeeper and Supervisor gives heads up to rest of staff Within 3 days of offer being accepted; at least 1 week before start date
*Property and Permission Form

  • What property do they need?
  • What permission in tech tools do they need?
  • Do they need background check?

*Hiring Packet

Hiring Supervisor Administrator At same time as PR Change Form
Start Personnel File, Update Records, enter into PCO and submit for Background Check Bookkeeper Employee needs to authorize BC Before start date
New Hire Packet Completed

  • W-4
  • I-9
  • Employee Handbook sig
  • Dir Dep Auth
  • Job Desc Sign Page
  • Key Check Org
  • New Hire Items for Journey
  • Time Card Orientation  
  • Insurance info
  • HSA Info
  • 401K
Bookkeeper Employee On start date
Tech Access Points

  • Email
  • PCO
  • Slack
  • G-Suite
  • Printer
  • Phone V-Mail
Communications Coord Hiring Supervisor, Employee, Administrator Before start date
Update records based on New Hire Packet Bookkeeper Administrator Within 1 week after start date
Training and Orientation

  • Administrator
    • Phone System
    • Office Set up and Hours
    • PCO
    • Slack
    • G-Suite
    • Building Tour and Safety Instructions
    • Staff Team
  • Hiring Supervisor
    • Ministry/Gov
    • Job Duties
    • Culture, Mission, Vision
    • Community meet & greet
Administrator and Hiring Supervisor Employee Within first 30 days
Submit Bio and Photo for Website Employee Communication Coord By end of first week
Communications Plan for Congregational Intro- developed and executed Communications Coord Administrator, Hiring Supervisor, Employee Starts as soon as notice from Hiring Supervisor
Join Professional Association – as applicable (Orientation to Code of Ethics) Employee Administrator Within first 30 days
Given to Employee:

  • Copy of Offer Letter
  • Copy of JD
  • Handbook / Link
  • Key
  • Laptop (maybe)
  • Covenant
  • Policy Docs (maybe)
  • Credit Card (maybe)  
Administrator Employee Within first 30 days
Order Name tag Office Manager Employee Within first 30 days
First Paycheck Verified / Accurate Bookkeeper and Employee Employee Confirmed as accurate within 48 hours after first paycheck


Updated on September 12, 2018

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