Meal Request

Meals Process @ Foothills

  1. Request for meals come from a variety of sources (the church office, parish visitors, ministers, emails to No one answered…
  2. Once a meal request has been made it is forwarded to the Meals Coordinator.
  3. The Meal Coordinator reaches out to the individual to confirm that meals would be appreciated and collect the necessary information.
  4. After confirmation, the Meals Coordinator uses the churches Meal Train account to create a meal train link.
    1. Id:
    2. Password: helpothers
  5. Add a note to the person’s profile in Planning Center that a meal train was created, including the dates of the train, reason, and link (url) to the meal train sign up.
  6. Send the link with the Meals Network, and other individuals and groups in the church who would likely rally to the cause (Sean will provide list or point of contact to spread the word out)
  7. Send stock email sent to Meal Recipient
  8. Meals coordinator monitors the signups and prompts the team if necessary.
  9. Meals coordinator checks in with meal recipient a few days before the end of the meal train to assess if it should continue.
    1. If more meals are needed create an additional note in the persons Planning Center Profile

Conversation with Recipient

  • Happy to provide support them getting meals
  • Usually the meals for a single person can usually be enough two meals (leftovers for lunch or dinner)
  • We can usually provide meals every second day, of course situations vary. We can be a strong part of your meal process by creating the meal train and then if you could spread that out to your network that is most effective

What to ask:

  • Confirm address, phone number, and email address.
  • Food likes and dislikes
  • Allergies or dietary restrictions
  • How often meals would be appreciated and for long
  • Best time to drop off meal
  • # of Adults and # Children
  • What to share about the situation

Email from Meal Train Coordinator to Recipient

Dear Chris~

To follow up from our conversation, the church is happy to help coordinate meals as needed. But we know that our capacity may not be up to the level we wish it would be, so we also encourage you to use the online signup page we created to disseminate your request to friends and people in your network, as you are comfortable doing so, to invite them into your circle of care (details on that can be found below).

You can find your meal sign up page online (to find out who is bringing what when and to see any gaps in the schedule).  There may be days when we are unable to provide you with a meal as requested. You can also expect a call/message from me a day ahead of time if there is a meal that won’t be provided.  

We use an online system,, to coordinate the process.  Here is the link to your Meal Train is-

This link not only allows anyone in your network to click on it and sign up to bring you a meal, but it gives them all the information necessary to do so (dietary needs, number of people and drop off times). If you have a preference of what times to try and drop off and how, i.e ring the doorbell or leave on front porch, do let me know.

You should have received an email asking you

to verify the MealTrain, once you do so, you will have access and be able to edit any food preferences, or change the dates when you need meals.  If you prefer, you can email changes to me (see below for details) and I will change them for you.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the process.  You can contact me Deb Lindner, the Meal Train coordinator, at or (505)250-4057 (cell w/texting), or Sean Neil-Barron, the Assistant Minister of the church at

We are grateful that you have reached out to us and hope this is as smooth a process as possible.

Deb Lindner, Meal Team Coordinator

Sean Neil-Barron, Assistant Minister, Foothills Unitarian Church

Updated on March 4, 2019

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