Livestreaming Procedure

Streaming to the Website 

  1.  Turn on the encoder (small black box).  
  2.    This assumes that the power strip (#1) in the above checklist is already on.  If it isn’t, go ahead and turn it on).
  3.   Turn on camera.
  4.    On switch is on the left side.  
  5.    Make sure lens cover is open.  The slide to open and close it is on the front right side near the lens.
  6.    Begin Stream

Ending a Livestream

At the end of the livestream, end the stream with the red button again.   Then repeat the process from step A above f

Streaming to Facebook

 If we are streaming to FB (which we do for all of our services) use the following steps:


  1.  On the iMac (#4 above) open safari from the dock at the bottom of the screen.
  2.  On the blank safari screen, click the link to Sunday Streams (it’s saved as the first icon on the screen).
  3.  The login info will be pre-populated, so just click “sign in.”
  4.  On the next screen, click the blue box at the center top labeled “update facebook live settings”
  5.  Midway down on the next screen, for the section called “new broadcast destination” select “Page: Foothills Unitarian Church”.
  6.   Now click the blue “update settings” box below.
  7.  Steps i-vi must be repeated every time you start and then re-start the live stream from the encoder (#A).


  1.    There is a link on the desktop of the laptop (center or center right) to the Sunday streams manager.  Click it to open in chrome.
  2.    The username and password are already there.  Click login. (if they aren’t, the username is “FHUnitarian” and the password is “FHUUstreaming”
  3.    Click the blue link to “update facebook live settings”
  4.    Scroll down to where it says select destination.  If you click whatever the current destination is, a dropdown menu will appear.  Select “Page: Foothills Unitarian Church” then select update settings.
  5.    You’re done. Repeat the process for each service.
  6.    Now click the red button on the encoder (#A) and then make sure to click it again to confirm the screen choice to begin the live stream.  If streaming, the upper right corner of the encoder should say “Live.”
Updated on September 12, 2018

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