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Hosting a Sunday Morning Gathering at Foothills

Sunday morning is one of the central moments in the life of the church. We worship together, spend time in fellowship, grow in faith together, and we attend the business of being a church. Hosting successful church wide gathering on Sunday mornings necessitates balancing the capacity of staff & volunteers and the rhythms of sunday morning. The following list of procedures aims to help us all navigate through successfully.

Reserving Space

The church office will approve and coordinate the reservation of space and the selecting of a timeslot. Meetings are generally scheduled for 12:45 (after the third service). Between the services is an option (10:40-11:15 between 2nd and 3rd services) but it presents some difficulties for staff and volunteer capacity. Space should be reserved at three week in advance.


To get the word out submit a Event Calendar Submission at least 3 weeks before the event. Submit online at http://foothillsuu.org/communication-at-foothills/. Make sure to include

Promotional information should includes:

  • Enticing title
  • 50 word short description for email communication
  • Two sentence description for facebook communication.
  • Eye catching image
  • Longer more detailed description to put on our website.
  • The target group in the church: members vs. everyone etc.

Use of Audio/Visual Equipment

Sound System

  • Identify any sound needs for presentation  (Number of microphones, etc)
  • Ensure scheduling of A/V tech through Christopher Reed and/or church office.  Allow for 30 minutes of lead time for set-up.
  • Consider space usage, before and after the event, leaving the space as you found it.

Use of LCD Projector

  • Identify any projection needs
  • Ensure scheduling of A/V tech through Christopher Reed and/or church office if A/V Tech will be advancing slides during meeting. (Can be same person as Sound support)
  • If above is yes, Powerpoints and/or materials for projection need to be assembled and sent/delivered  in their complete state (in Powerpoint format, please) to the A/V Tech four (4) days before the event.
  • If presenter prefers to run own slides, laptops may be brought in and connected on stage (via VGA only). Please arrive early to plug in, lower screen and turn on projector; make arrangements with staff member in advance for assistance.
  • Consider space usage, before and after event, leaving the space as you found it.   
  • Wifi in the Sanctuary is not always strong so please make offline copies of any materials to avoid reliance on the internet.

Printed Materials for Participants

Any printed materials needed for the meeting must be provided in final form to the church office the Wednesday before the meeting.

Child Care

Child care makes accessible the workings of our congregation to all members. Foothills makes childcare available by RSVP.  INSERT LINK TO CHILDCARE REQUEST PROCEDURE. 

Updated on September 12, 2018

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