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Foothills Pledge/Financial Commitment Submission Procedure

This procedure is for any financial commitment received outside of an Annual Stewardship Campaign.

  1. Pledge Received
    1. Online
      1. Pledges can be made online through a web form at foothillsuu.org/pledge
      2. This webform emails the submission to FreshDesk
      3. FreshDesk auto-assigns the ticket to the responsible party.
    2. Paper
      1. Pledges can be dropped off or mailed to the office.
      2. Physical pledge documents pass along to the responsible party
  2. Pledge Planning Center Workflow Initiated
    1. After the pledge is received, the individual is placed in the correct Planning Center People Workflow
      1. New Pledge or Increase
        1. Step 1: Thank You and Pledge Confirmation
        2. Step 2: Data Entered into Stewardship Tab
        3. Step 3: Stewardship Team Notification
        4. Step 4: Reclassifying Past Donation
      2. Pledge Decrease or Cancel
        1. Step 1: Pledge Modification or Removal Request
        2. Step 2: Stewardship Fields Edited and Notes Added
        3. Step 3: Confirm Reason for Pledge Change
        4. Step 4: Gretchen Notified for Pastoral Care or Other Action
        5. Step 5: Stewardship Team Informed
    2. Concurrently additional recurring donations should be added or modified.
Updated on September 15, 2018