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Foothills Calendaring Procedures

Effective calendaring is essential for building management, intra-staff communication and marketing and promotion of the vital events going on at Foothills.

Depending on the event the impact on these three areas will vary. Thus to allow for flexibility of varying event needs the point person for an event must consider the following aspects:

  1. Making it Happen Procedure
  2. Scheduling in Planning Center Resources
  3. Promoting on Event Calendar (website)
  4. Creating Registrations (signups)

All events that meet any of these criteria should be added to Planning Center Resources:

  • Any event/meeting that takes place in a room at Foothills
  • Any event/meeting that needs specific equipment
  • Any event/meeting that should be displayed on the digital screens
  • Any event/meeting that should be displayed on the online building use calendar.

To Add New Events to the Planning Center Resources

  1. From the “People” Dashboard in PCO, click People, from the drop-down select Resources
  2. Choose the appropriate Folder in PCO
  3. Click the New Events button on the right-hand side of the page
    1. Event name: Short and Descriptive
    2. Date and Time
      1. Click on the arrow to change month. Click on the date to select. If the event has more than one occurrence pick recurring. This will allow it to check out room availabilities for all event times.
    3.  Description: Include a short description of the event including contact person. 
    4. If you are creating event but are not the staff “owner” of the event. Add Owners.  Add the contact person for the event with the edit pencil in the details section. This allows them to see if there are any changes to the event time and location.

To Reserve Rooms

  1. On the next page, on the right hand side select from the column all rooms and resources for your event. (see picture). Drag your room(s) into the gray box on the left of the screen.
    1. After you select your room, answer questions in the next pop-up: Setup Option, click down arrow to choose setup option
    2. Add notes if needed
    3. Click Next button
    4. Room Questions popup: box 1, answer question or type no. Box 2, add number of people attending, click save button
  2. Continue to select rooms as needed
  3. If the space you want to use is already booked, create a “conflict.” A yellow box pops up.
    1. Add Resources for your event: physical items, AV support, setup options, food  needs, etc.
      To Reserve Resources (not associated with room setup)

      1. For resource: drag your item into the gray box of the room that you want the resources to be in.
  4. Requesting Child Care:

    • Click on the Resources tab, open the childcare folder, drag the Childcare provider box into the gray box on the left.
    • The FF Assistant will arrange for child care when appropriate/available. Childcare will be provided when your event says Approved. The specific child care provider will show up in the box also.
    • FF Assistant will monitor RSVPs and capacity and close RSVP as per procedure

    Requesting Food

    Click on the Resources tab, click on the food folder, drag in the food items needed.

    Requesting Soundbooth

    Click on the Resources tab, click on the AV Sound folder, drag in use of sound booth

Creating a Registration Form

  1.    From the “People” Dashboard in PCO, click People, from the drop down select Registrations.
  2.   Click New Event on the right side of the page
  3.   Fill in pop-up
    1.     Event name
    2.     Attendee Type (can edit on another page)
    3.     Add start date and time, if it is reoccurring click Add Event time button
    4.     Click submit
  4. Select the Detail tab on the left column. Click the pencil icon to add event description. 
    1. Click the pencil icon in the black upload your logo box. Follow instructions to upload a picture.
    2. Click the pencil icon in the Dates and times box if you need to edit info
  5. Click Settings in the left column to edit the capacity of the event
  6. Click notifications in the left column, then the pencil icon in Notifications List if you want to receive emails when people sign up
  7. Click attendee types in the left column to add/edit attendees, add cost to event, add child for child care, etc.
    1. Click New Attendee Type button
    2. Add “Child needing care”
    3. Add fee for attending etc.
  8. Optional – Click Questions in the left column to ask questions and collect answers.
Updated on September 12, 2018

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