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Fire Drill, Evacuation Plan, Safety Plan

The church safety plan is reviewed at teacher orientation and is included in the teacher’s manual. The safety plan includes emergency procedures, location of first aid kits and maps of the building with the locations of exits and evacuation procedures. Teachers will familiarize themselves with these locations and review first aid skill as part of teacher training.

In the event that evacuation is necessary, parents should not attempt to retrieve their children. Parents should follow their own evacuation plan while the RE staff and teachers will evacuate the children. We will ensure that reunion occurs once danger has passed. Below follows the evacuation plan for children.

The decision to evacuate will be made by the church coordinators who are – The Church Administrator Minister(s)  Director of Religious Exploration is the RE Building Coordinator who will make the decision for RE Building separately, if necessary.

The evacuation decision will be communicated as soon as practicable to the entire Church facility, including the RE Building. There is a paging system providing communication to and from the RE Building (individual classrooms) and the Church office. We have working phones in each RE classroom. Procedure to page is as follows. Pick up the phone, press #30 and speak. Your voice will be heard throughout the entire church campus.

If necessary, communication to outside authorities should also be initiated. Teachers are responsible for the children in their care.

The decision to evacuate (GO) would include building emergencies – fire; chemical/hazmat/biological; explosion, natural gas leak.

The decision to shelter-in-place (STAY) would include severe weather (tornado, high winds, lightning, and flash floods); threats, lock down situations.

Familiarize yourself with the location of all exits, fire alarm pulls (near the doors) and fire extinguishers.

GO or evacuate procedures:

  1. Coordinator should announce Go or Stay, but actual conditions may dictate that you do not wait for announcement.
  2. If fire alarm will sound (this will initiate 911 response, if not call 911).
  3. Take closest and safest posted evacuation exit.
  4. Do not stop for belongings
  5. If safety permits, have designated person sweep building, i.e. restrooms to make sure everyone out.
  6. As soon as possible, take roll or head count after exiting building.
  7. If safety permits, extinguish candles, fires, turn off stoves, heaters
  8. Close classroom doors to hallway
  9. Go to designated collection area posted in the back of your classroom door. Take attendance; await instruction; report any missing person to safety coordinators.
  10. Treat any minor injuries, advise incident commander of emergency medical needs
  11. Keep children together, even after “all clear” to insure transportation.
  12. If appropriate, notify parents who are not on sight.
  13. Keep track of which children have been picked-up and by whom.

STAY or Shelter in Place Procedures:

  1. Stay procedures – Coordinator should announce Go or Stay, but actual conditions may not dictate that you wait for announcement.
  2. Move students to downstairs hall way or remain in classroom and close the door; calm everyone.
  3. In sanctuary – move everyone to hallway or away from windows.
  4. Lock down building (windows and doors); ensure everyone off the playground
  5. Close window coverings; stay away from windows.
  6. Turn off lights.
  7. Use phones only in emergency.
  8. Take attendance and head count.
  9. Don’t allow anyone to leave (buddy system to bathroom in RE).
Updated on September 15, 2018

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