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Find Your Place To Serve Workflow

  1. Finding Your Place to Serve Form
    1. All current need and ongoing opportunities to serve or get involved are added to this form
    2. Indicating interest in the form triggers workflow
      1. Table below indicates which workflow the person is added to
    3. Anyone can access the form submission results at https://people.planningcenteronline.com/forms/106/submissions to see how the person answered the form questions
  2. Generic Serve: Finding Your Place Workflow
    1. Step 1: Serve Coordinator adds a note to card indicating the individuals interest and pins the card to the responsible lead, and completes the step.
    2. Step 2:  Lead reaches out with an introductory email/phone call
    3. Step 3: Those who have been contacted by have not responded stay in step three until their interest to participate in the serve opportunity is confirmed
    4. Step 4: Volunter is added to the correct team/group and group-specific onboarding begins
    5. Step 5: Volunteer card is unpinned from Lead
    6. Step 6: After 1 month the individual’s engagement in that ministry is reviewed by Serve Coordinator to ensure the person found a place to connect and serve

Service OpportunityWorkflow NameLeadPCO Group/Team
Immigration Justice and Sanctuary WorkSanctuary VolunteersKristenGroup
Audio/Visual TeamSound Booth TeamAnnaTeam
Mobile Food BankFood Bank VolunteersKristen ( Soon Lay Leader)Group
One Village One FamilyOne Village One Family Interest(Kristen soon Lay Leader)Group
Sunday HospitalityHospitality Team Sign UpKristenTeam
Children and Youth Small Group LeadersGenericEleanorGroup
Office SupportGenericKathrynGroup
Foothills BloggingGenericAnnaGroup
Photo TeamGenericAnnaGroup
Fundraising and StewardshipGenericGretchenGroup
Faith Family HospitalityFaith Family Hospitality Kristen (soon Lay Leader)Group
Caring Network (Rides, Meals, Listening Ear)Caring Network VolunteersSeanGroup
Adult Small Group LeaderGenericSeanGroup

Updated on November 13, 2018

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