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Digital Archive Procedures


  • Maintain and organize the church’s digital documentation
  • Provide members access anytime to church documents, policies and procedures
  • Create a standard nomenclature for documentation within the archive to increase searchability and ease of use.


The digital archive consists of two distinct but overlapping elements. A Google Drive Folder and a Public Google Site.

The Google Drive folder is the repository for all documentation, both public and private, related to church operations. It is administered by church staff with access granted to subfolders as needed. The subfolders are repositories for all documentation needed for institutional memory. In each category/sub-unit, there is one folder that is labeled “Public”. All files placed in the public folder are publically accessible on the Google Site.

The Public Google Site, is a porthole into the google drive folder. It contains pages that display all the contents of the Archive that reside in “public” folders. For example: All documentation in the Boards “Public Folder” shows up here. The Boards folder that is not labeled public is not displayed.


Each group within the church will be responsible for uploading essential documents to their subfolder, and for determining which document will be shared on the public site. Each group should assign one individual to keep the records updated. Groups are welcome to organize with folders their documentation, as long as they use the proper nomenclature. To request access please email: sean@foothillsuu.org


Files placed in any of the folders must follow the same nomenclature structure:

Description // Group or Category Name // Date Modified MM.DD.YYYY

For example, if the Board was uploading their board packet from the April 1st meeting they would label it:

Board Meeting Packet // Board of Trustees // 04.01.2016

Updated on September 12, 2018

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