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Counseling and Mental Health Referral List

  • CSU Family Counseling Services (offers lower rates for low-income folks) http://www.cfct.chhs.colostate.edu 
  • Summitstone has 24/7 crisis services, sliding scale, pro-bono counseling and psychiatric services, and overnight accommodations.
  • Susan Kitchens, PhD: 495-4686  (member of Foothills UU)
  • Paul McClure, MS, LMFT : 430-6498  http://mccluretherapy.com
  • Adam-Jon Aparicio, LPC, http://www.axiscounseling.com/ focus on queer & POC.
  • Dorinna Ruh, Lcsw, Cac : 494-0361  has a specialization in EMDR for trauma
  • Paul Slaughter, Lmft : 988-7042 http://www.paulslaughterlmft.com
  • Michele Beadle, PsyD: 495-4822  http://www.michelebeadlepsyd.com Loveland
  • Brenda O’Reilly, PhD: 229-9959 http://www.drboreilly.com  good Christian counselor as well as a generalist
  • Michael Griffith, PhD: 204-6970 http://www.drmichaelgriffith.com
  • Heart Ceneterd Counselors http://heartcenteredcounselors.com/therapists-fort-collins/ (Where Foothills member Debbie Gentry works)
  • Parent Child Interaction Center LLC, https://p-cic.com/index.html
  • Stress Management Family Counseling Center: 223-2256 http://stressmanagementfcc.com a group of 6 licensed psychologists, one is a child therapist, all are high quality.  A central receptionist takes calls.
All of these counselors are licensed and well experienced.  All are generalists; individual, family, & teen. All would be compatible with UU values.
Mental Health Connections Program  located at 425 W Mulberry, phone 221-5551.
Call and speak with a therapist or walk in between 8-4, M-F for the initial screening.  There is no fee and the counsellors are generalists who have knowledge about counseling services for individuals and couples, substance use issues, and community resources.They can assess ability to pay and hopefully refer to low cost services.

Updated on November 20, 2019

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