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Childcare Procedures For Nursery Workers

Job Description and Guidelines for Childcare Providers

Arrive promptly at your scheduled time, 15 minutes before the event or program is scheduled to begin.

For non-Sunday events & meetings childcare providers should check in with the point person for the event upon arrival. (you will receive an email before the event telling you who the point person for the event is), be sure to get their phone number in case of emergency during the event)

An adult member of the sponsoring program or committee is responsible for supervising childcare givers under age 18 and ensuring that all procedures are followed, cleanup is completed and classrooms and RE building are locked at the end of the event.

Sign In/Out

Stand and come to the door to greet each child and their parents as they arrive.  Do not remain seated. Have parents sign in each child, introduce yourself and make name tags for the children.

*Childcare provider should ask parents about children’s allergies or special needs upon drop off. Ask parents to leave their cell phone number on the sign in sheet so that you can text them if their child is still crying after 10 minutes or you have a concern.

There must be 1 childcare provider for every 6 children ages 3 -12 and one childcare giver for every 3 infants and toddlers.

In accordance with church policy – Two childcare providers must be present at all times, or the childcare provider must leave doors open and a supervising adult must check in frequently.

Never leave the children unsupervised.  You should be working with a partner so one childcare giver can remain with the group while the other handles an emergency, accompanies a child to the bathroom or to find their parents.

Suggested Activities

  • Read stories
  • Supervise their play with toys
  • Draw with markers, paper and crayons or play dough (located in supply closet outside
  • of the nursery)
  • Play games (gray storage cupboards in the upstairs RE hallway)
  • Watch Movies – G rated movies only and preferably movies that they can watch entirely in the time available. (TV & DVD player are located in Room 21, more movies downstairs in room 11)
  • Play outdoors on the playground – stay with the children at all times.
  • Supervise the children’s play so that it is respectful and appropriate.


The committee or group offering childcare should provide snacks located in the nursery. Do not give snacks to infants unless provided by their parents.

Diapering and bathroom supervision

Ask parents of infants and toddler if they would like you to change their child’s diapers if needed.  They will usually drop off a diaper bag (label it with a nametag if unlabeled.) Please change diapers in the church nursery – room 25 – on the changing table if at all possible. Wear disposable gloves and clean changing table with bleach solution provided.  Dispose of all soiled diapers outside in the dumpster as you are leaving.

Older children and any young children who are potty trained should go into the toilet stall by themselves if at all possible.  You may accompany them to the bathroom and provide reassurance as you stand outside the door but do not go into the stall with them unless absolutely necessary.

Cleanup after the childcare period

This is part of your responsibilities and you will be paid for this time

_ Pick up all toys books and art supplies and return them to their storage areas

_ Wipe down tables and hard surfaces.

_ Return all dishes to the church kitchen and snack cupboard.

_ Pick up trash and empty cans in the dumpster if full or if you have disposed of food or diapers.

_ Return furniture to its original locations if it has been moved.

_ Vacuum the floor (vacuums are located in RE Storage Closet #3 upstairs.)

_ Clean dry erase boards.

Additional Cleanup Procedures for the Church Nursery (Room 24/25)

_ Clean changing table with bleach solution provided if it has been used for diapering.

_ Dispose of diapers outside in the dumpster.

What to do if a child is crying?

Try distracting the child by reading to them, talking and playing with them.  A baby may like a walk around the room, down the hall or outside on the patio. If the child cries more than ten minutes, take them to find their parents.

What to do if a child is injured?

* All childcare providers should have current CPR and first Aide training.

Childcare providers should also review the first aide manual provided.

Provide basic first aid for minor injuries.  A first aid kit is located in sink cupboard. Notify parents of any injury – immediately if serious and upon pickup if minor.

In the event of a more serious injury, administer emergency first aide and immediately contact the Sunday Nursery Supervisor (Family Ministry Assistant – Arielle Behrle or Director of Director of Family Ministry –  Eleanor VanDeusen) or supervising adult of the event and the child’s parents and emergency services if necessary.

Contact emergency services immediately (call 911) if the child is unconscious, not breathing or bleeding profusely.

Responsible Behaviour

*Do not engage in outside activities during the childcare period (cell phone use, portable CD or video players, homework, and reading, socializing with friends who are not childcare givers.) Friends of childcare givers are not allowed in the Nursery during work hours.

Give your undivided attention to the kids and interact with them.  Get down on their level to converse and play. Have fun with the kids.

Payment Procedure

The care providers on the list below are part of our Sunday Childcare team and are paid through FUUC payroll.

The childcare provider should fill out a time card and return it in the folder provided in the Church Nursery

Updated on September 21, 2018

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