Childcare Policies and Procedures

Childcare offered during Sunday Morning Worship and for Foothills Unitarian classes and events will be administered by The Religious Education Staff.

1. Childcare Ratios

In accordance with Church policy, children who are present during any church sponsored event, meeting or program that takes place at Foothills Unitarian Church must be supervised by a trained childcare giver at all times. There must be

  • 1 childcare provider for every 6 children ages 3-12
  • 1 childcare giver for every 2 infants and toddlers.

Church policy requires that two childcare providers must be present at all times, or the childcare provider must leave doors open and a supervising adult must check in frequently. If more than 15 children will be in childcare, an adult childcare supervisor, over age 18, must be on duty at all times. Childcare provider must be a minimum of 14 years old and childcare givers age 14-17 must be supervised by an adult.

Childcare providers must be directly supervised by a Foothills Unitarian Church RE Staff person or an adult representative of the church group sponsoring the event. If an adult childcare giver is not available, an adult member of the sponsoring committee is responsible for supervising childcare givers under age 18 and ensuring that all procedures are followed, cleanup is completed and classrooms and RE building are locked at the end of the event.

2. Nametags

All adults and teens involved in providing childcare will wear a nametag, which also identifies them as “Childcare Staff”.  All children will wear nametags so that staff can identify all children by name.

3. Sign In/Out

Childcare Providers must have parents sign their children in and out of childcare on the Childcare sign-in form (attachment #3.) The form will include a place for parents to list children’s allergies or special needs upon drop off.

4. Outdoor Playground

A childcare giver must be present on the playground at all times when children are playing there. The childcare giver must read and enforce playground rules. Playground gates must be kept closed and latched at all times.

Updated on September 14, 2018

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