Caring Procedure (Parish Visitor)

This procedure outlines the process of Parish Visitors responding to and following up with caring concerns that arises from within the congregation.

On-Call Procedure

  1. Something occurs of concern
  2. Person tells someone:
    1. Uses
    2. Tells member of Caring Committee at Caring Table or otherwise
    3. Informs the Office
    4. Writes in Joys & Concerns Book on Sunday
    5. Makes a call or emails ministers or staff
    6. Fills out our Request Prayers or Support form
  3. Notes are recorded in PCO
  4. Sean and Kristen receive these submissions, and send to the On-Call Visitor (or assigned PV) as appropriate.
    1. If the information comes through an email to, or sent to the Office Kathryn forwards the caring email immediately to the On-Call Visitor and cc’s Sean
  5. The On-Call Visitor makes contact with the person via email or phone and finds out what other needs there may be, i.e. meals, rides, ongoing visits and/or calls, contact from minister, etc.
    1. I’m _____, a member at Foothills and a part of the Caring Team, and I heard about _______. Rev. Sean (or Kristen or Gretchen if directed) wanted me to reach out and see how you were doing and to let you know we’re thinking about you.  
    2. How are you doing? (and other open ended questions as appropriate)
    3. Is there any support that might be helpful during this time? Rides? Meals?
    4. Is there a place in the church where you are really connected that I should let know? i.e. are you in a small group, the choir, an ongoing group etc.?
    5. Would you be ok with us sharing this in the Pastoral Prayer, the time in the service where we lift up the Joys & Concerns of our community during worship? How about in the next week’s email newsletter in the Caring Corner?
    6. If I have any doubt I might also ask, “we usually make cards for those who are experiencing a joy or concern in their lives, would it be ok if we include you in that list?”
    7. I’d like to follow up with you and just see how things are going in a couple weeks/days/etc.  Would you be ok with a phone call, or would you prefer an email/text?
  6. The On-Call Visitor logs all this info on the Caring Form ( and makes necessary referrals.  
  7. At the end of your on-call time, contact he next PV on call, and let them know about any situations they should be aware of, or follow ups that should be done.

Ongoing Care

  1. When it has been identified that someone needs ongoing (longer than the on-call Visitor two-weeks) and you are not wanting to add them to your ongoing roster, indicate on the Caring Update form that Ongoing Care is needed. Rev. Sean will work to identify a member of the group to take over, and communicate with them the basic situation/need.
  2. Once a Visitor receives an assignment, they should make contact by email and/or phone within a few days, and check in around the particular situation, mostly just saying hello and seeing how they are doing.  The questions in above would also apply here. For folks unable to leave home, the Visitor will make an in-person visit. They continue to visit until the situation is stabilized/resolved. All notes should be kept and sent into the caring update form.

Parish Visitor Group Process

  1. Parish Visitors will meet at least every other month to review how the process is going, what concerns or needs are coming up with individuals and to continue to improve our capacity to provide care to our congregation.  
  2. The Caring Coordinator is the backup for on-calls (Currently Bonnie I.), and is a great resource for questions and support.

Online Database

Logging In

  1. Navigate to Planning Center Online 
  2. Login using your email and password

Accessing Someone’s Profile

  1. Click the search icon (the magnifying glass) int the top right hand corner of the page
  2. Type the name of the person
  3. Their name should appear in the dropdown menu
  4. Click on their name and you will be taken to their profile page which has their contact information

If the search doesn’t work, you can also click ‘People’ in the Navigation bar on the right (the one without the icon), which will take you to a search page.

Profile Information

Contact Information

Can be found in the middle section under Personal Information

Caring Notes, including your past notes, can be accessed from the left hand menu within a profile.

You are welcome to directly record your notes in someones profile, but please still do fill out the Caring Update Form (indicate your notes are in the profile)

*Note there is a delay because I manually enter the notes into peoples profiles*

Updated on February 19, 2019

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