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Background Check Procedure

This procedure applies to all new hires, and volunteers working in the Religious Education program, as well others who is determined to need a background check by a Minister, the Director of Family Ministry, or the Business Administrator.

  1. Background checks are initiated through PCO People. Click ‘add background check’ in the personal section, shown below:

2. Initiate the background check through Checkr by choosing the “Standard Check” option.

3. Once initiated, the results of the background check can be seen by anyone who has been given permission to view in PCO (all those who initiate a check have access to this data).

4. All checks that come back as “Clear” have successfully passed their background check. All checks that come back as “Consider” will be sent to the Business Administrator to review the details of the check and consider the whether to continue with offers of employment of volunteer partnership.

5. Administrator shares all report details for “Consider” ratings with the staff lead to make final determination of whether to continue engagement with the individual.

Updated on March 2, 2020

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