The Remembrance Garden Committee: the committee is a standing committee of the church. It was established in 1999.

Who can be memorialized: Members, their relatives, and pledging friends of the church may be memorialized. Pets will not be memorialized in the Garden.

Fees: The fee will cover the cost and installation of a bronze plaque engraved with the name and dates of birth and death, inclusion in the Remembrance Book and perpetual maintenance. The fee is $350. The fee is payable at the time of application.

How to apply: Application forms are available from the Church Administrator.

Prepayment: Those wishing to prepay for themselves and/or family members may do so. A sincere effort will be made to accommodate families who wish to have plaques placed together, but such placement cannot be guaranteed.

Records: The Church Administrator along with the bookkeeper will be responsible for keeping financial records.

Remembrance Book: The Committee will also keep a Remembrance Book. One page (which may be double-sided) will be devoted to each person memorialized, containing the obituary, pictures or whatever information the family wishes to include. It will also recognize donors and record the history of the Garden.

Flowers and other additions: Only those plants, stones, urns, benches, sculptures and plaques specified in the Garden Landscape Plan will be placed in the Garden. Flowers and plants may be used during a memorial service.

Maintenance: Garden maintenance will be the responsibility of the Church Administrator and will be funded through donations and memorial fees.

Memorial Plaques: Bronze plaques (6” x 2 ½”) engraved with the name and dates of birth and death will be installed on the Remembrance Garden wall. No other markers will be allowed. Installed plaques become the property of the church and may not be removed.

Ashes: Ashes may be spread or buried directly into the garden to be mingled with the earth. Records will not be kept of the exact location of individual burial sites. Burial of ashes will be done only in months when the ground is not frozen.

Ownership: The purchase of a plaque or burial of ashes shall not give survivors any claim upon the church property of Foothills Unitarian Church

Exceptions to policies: The Senior Minister may make exceptions to these policies and regulations.

Updated on September 12, 2018

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