3. Publications Policies

A. Commercial Advertising

Commercial advertising can be added to our Church directory by submitting the Church Administrator.  Commercial advertising on campus or in other church publications is not permitted.

B. Website


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for development and ongoing management of the Foothills Unitarian Church Website.  


The Board is ultimately responsible for the content of the website, and the accurate representation of the church.

Developing content and content management is the responsibility of church staff and committees.  Content will be sent to the Church Administrator and submitted weekly to our webmaster. The webmaster is offsite and is paid hourly.


The primary objectives of the website are to:  

  • provide an introduction to Foothills Unitarian Church and Unitarian-Universalism for interested people in the larger community
  • provide a vehicle of communication about church activities for Church members and friends
  • provide news communications between UU churches in the cluster, district and national organizations

 Additional objectives may include:

  • providing community outreach on the availability of church facilities for appropriate, church-approved use
  • providing methods of transacting church business interactively through the world wide web.


Content management and design rests with the submitting staff members, committees and webmaster.


The purpose of the website is to make information about the church available to church members, community members searching for a church, and the general web-browsing public around the world.  

The website will represent Unitarian-Universalist principles and the Foothills Unitarian Church accurately and positively.  In addition to providing accurate and timely information, the site will attempt to capture the spirit of the church in its design and tone.  The site will employ generally accepted guidelines for ease of navigation. While the website may contain articles of interest authored by members, the website shall not be used as a forum for editorial commentary.

Each committee, Church Affiliated Group, or Board-approved informal organization desiring a web page(s) may submit their request to the Church Administrator at any time.


The Church Administrator will review all proposed new website pages and pages which have changed substantially before they are published on the website.  Pages that have only minor changes may be published directly to the web. Pages in need of further review will be discussed with the submitting party and, if necessary, by the Board.


Maintaining privacy of personal information of visitors to the website and respecting the privacy of our staff, church members and friend is of the utmost importance.

Privacy of Visitors to our Website

Personal information is obtained from our visitors on a voluntary basis.  Personal information may include name, address, phone number, and email address.  This information is not required to obtain access to any public part of the website.

The personal information collected may only used to process a request that has been placed by the visitor.  Typically this is in the form of a request for material or newsletters, but it may on occasion include other voluntary submittals of similar information for survey purposes or for event registrations. We do not sell or rent this personal information to other organizations, including other UU organizations.  


The intent of this policy takes into account that some members do not want their information available to the World Wide Web where church activities can be linked to their names.  Outlined here is the process for providing authorization for publishing member names, telephone numbers, email addresses and pictures (“information”) of the members and friends of Foothills Unitarian Church and their families (“members”).

Never To Be On the Website

Any person who does not wish their name, picture or other information to appear on the web under any circumstances can notify the church staff to this effect.  The Church Administrator and staff will make every effort to ensure that this information does not appear. A list of these people will be maintained by the staff. The church is not liable for any harm which may come to members and friends of the church as a result of this website.


No information (names, pictures, phone numbers, email addresses) about persons under the age of 18 will be published on any pages of the website unless written permission by a parent or guardian is granted and kept on file in the office.  This permission is for one event or one purpose only.


The InterCom may be published on the member-secure pages of the web provided:

  • All telephone numbers and email addresses are approved for publication to the web or changed to the church number or email address.
  • All names and personal information of minors (under the age of 18) are removed.
  • Announcements not approved by the authors for website posting are removed.


The Website may be used to solicit funds for the church or its committees.


The Foothills Church Website shall comply with the Commercial Advertising Policy of the Foothills Unitarian Church.

Any intellectual property copied on website pages or any original intellectual property written for a website page must be released by the author.  A statement to that effect must accompany the material. Such material includes sermons, music, articles, or pictures, whether or not they contain the copyright label.  Blanket permission can be granted for use of one type of material. Each page of the website will contain a copyright statement. If the author grants permission for copying of information, that statement will appear on that page and the permission supercedes the blanket copyright statement.  

ADOPTED:  November 15, 2005;  REVISED: December 15, 2006 Revised  3.21.12

C. Podcast Policy  (new policy 3/21/12)

All uploaded material to the Podcast may only be sound files from and approved by Foothills Unitarian Church.

Sound files of sermons may be uploaded only after permission is given by the minister/speaker who has delivered the sermon.  Guest speakers/Neutral Pulpit Sermons will not be uploaded as Podcasts.

No copyrighted material, such as music of any kind, stories, lyrics or poems may be uploaded as podcasts.

Publications policy revised  3.21.12

Updated on September 12, 2018

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