2. Building & Grounds

A. Building Use

    1. It is the policy of the Foothills Unitarian Church to make its facilities available for the use of all church-related groups and for non-profit community groups whose purposes are consistent with the goals and objectives of Foothills Unitarian Church. The Office staff is authorized to make a determination on whether or not a group seeking to use church facilities, falls within the guidelines of this policy. Should a question arise as to the appropriateness of any request, office staff may seek a final decision from the Senior Minister.
    2. Regular church program activities will always have first priority on the use of facilities and may reserve facilities as far in advance as necessary.
    3. The facilities covered by this policy are the church building, the church school building, and the grounds and parking space incidental to their use.
    4. The facilities of the church may be reserved by outside groups no further than six (6) months in advance or more giving consideration to the program and worship schedule. Exceptions being made only for good cause shown and with the specific approval of the Senior Minister or Church Administrator. Facilities may not be reserved more than one (1) year in advance (with the exception of regular church programs – 1.1B).  Any use deposit and/or fee must be paid prior to scheduled use.
    5. All use of the facilities shall be contingent upon the execution of an appropriate Building Use Agreement.
    6. Any of the provisions of this Building Use Policy, including the Building Use Fees, may be modified or waived by vote of the Board for groups that, in the judgment of the Board, significantly advance the church’s mission.  If the Building Use Fee is waived, the group may still be required to pay the Sound Tech and Building Attendant expense if a volunteer is not available.

B. Building Use Fees

  1. All fees charged shall be reasonable and shall be reflective of the church’s cost in allowing the use of the facilities.  For purposes of this policy, “use” is defined as ”per ½ day” and/or “per day”.
  2. Use of church facilities for regular church program activities will be free of charge.
  3. Weddings, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, memorial services, and similar events will be considered normal and traditional uses of the church by its members and supporting friends, and the only fee charged for such events will be for sound technicians.   
    1. Weddings and memorials will be conducted by one the ministers OR a minister/officiant approved by the ministers.
  4. The foregoing notwithstanding, the Board may allow certain entities such as schools or daycare centers to lease portions of the religious education building on a long-term basis. When negotiating lease agreements, these uses shall be considered by the Senior Minister on a case-by-case basis.

C. Schedule of Fees

  1. Custodial services fee for use of facilities: will be $35.00 per hour if not returned to its original condition.  This will be deducted from deposit if necessary.
  2. A building attendant will be required at $25 per hour for all non-member/non-Foothills Unitarian Church events. The Church Administrator can authorize the building attendant to be present at only the beginning and end of a building use as opposed to the full extent of the use.
  3. Fees for Building Use 
  4. Repeat use (weekly or monthly) by member or non-member to be negotiated.  Repeat or recurring use by a for-profit group will not be allowed due to the Church’s 501c3 status.  Occasional use by a for-profit group is allowed.
  5. Only a church-trained and approved technician may operate the sound system.
    1. $25 for setup and leave
    2. $50 for setup & 1 hr for sound tech and
    3. $25 per hr for each additional hour
    4. $75 for setup, rehearsal and 1 hr sound tech.

D. Security and Maintenance

  1. Church-sponsored events will not be required to pay a security deposit. All security deposits shall be retained until an inspection of the premises following the event has been concluded and all keys have been returned to the church. The church retains the right to deduct from the security deposit cleaning charges or other expenses incurred by the church as a result of the use of the facilities.
  2. All persons and groups using the church facilities will maintain them in good condition and return the premises to the condition in which they were found. Furnishings will be returned to their normal locations. Floors will be swept, mopped, and vacuumed as needed. All fans and lights turned on will be turned off. Opened windows should be closed and locked. Building use checklist should be honored.
  3. In the case of church groups, team and group leaders shall be responsible to lock and unlock the facilities and to oversee cleanup.
  4. For non-church groups, the person applying for use of space shall be responsible for the facilities to complete all of the required activities set forth on the Building User Agreement and Checklist. The building attendant will provide guidance as needed but is not responsible for setup or cleanup. Building attendant will be responsible for lockup.
  5. When a church committee or church-related group sponsors an outside group’s event, at least one member of the committee or group must be present for the entire event and will be responsible for all of the required tasks listed in paragraph D.2. above.

E. Use of Alcoholic Beverages

  1. The use of alcoholic beverages shall be strictly limited to church-related functions. Non-Church-related functions will not be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages under any circumstances.
  2. The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

F. Miscellaneous Building Use

  1. The piano in the sanctuary may be used for weddings or other special events.
  2. Smoking shall not be permitted inside or within 50 feet of any building, including the patio area and the playground.
  3. A non-church group or individual wishing to publicize an event which is to take place at the church, may do so, but in such an event it must be clear that the church is not hosting or sponsoring the event and that the function is merely being held at the church.
  4. Political parties may use the church’s facilities for caucuses. A building use donation is requested.
  5. Arrangements for the services of a Minister of the Foothills Unitarian Church must be made directly with the Minister.

G. Child Care

One person from the committee and/or the member who signs the contract sponsoring an event at the Church is responsible for ensuring all Childcare Procedures for Activities at Foothills Unitarian Church are followed and clean up is complete. Please review all child care procedures.

H. Church Archives

There is a designated area in the Church basement for the accumulation and storage of the Church archives. This area shall be uniquely maintained for such purpose and no other.

I. Universal  Access (disability)

As part of regular building review, the Church Administrator will confirm continued compliance for people with disabilities. print, hearing, rummage sale access.

Updated on September 12, 2018

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