14. Responsibilities

The following table specifies responsibility for various financial activities of the church:

Action Person/Group Responsible
Weekly deposit Bookkeeper
Check writing Bookkeeper
Paycheck writing Bookkeeper
Producing W2 forms Bookkeeper
Collecting forms from new employees Administrator
Filing and paying quarterly payroll taxes Bookkeeper
Reconciling bank statements Bookkeeper
Preparing month-end reports Bookkeeper
Preparation of the annual budget Sr Minister and Administrator
Pledge Drive Stewardship
Petty Cash Bookkeeper
Producing 1099 forms Bookkeeper
Producing the Exempt Property Report Administrator
Recording pledges Administrator
Tracking automatic pledges Bookkeeper
Recording pledge payments Bookkeeper
Issuing pledge statements Administrator
Stock donations Volunteer/Bookkeeper
Member loans (bonds) Treasurer/ Bookkeeper
Cash Management Finance Team
Financial Oversight Board of Trustees
Budget Presentation to Congregation Board Treasurer and Senior Minister
Budget Management Staff Leads with Administrator and Senior Minister


Updated on September 12, 2018

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