New Year

There is a quiet courage
In the choice to let go
of the past,
in the choice to be present
in this new day
to live for this hour,
this moment
and to believe in its possibility –
to release the regrets,
to stop the spinning stories of what was
and is no longer,
to accept this gift
to believe that we are worthy
still of happiness
of ease
of delight, and hope
to believe we have all we need
to heal
already, and to receive
this wholeness
with ready hearts
and open hands,
saying only thank you.

Come, let us practice this surrender
gathering up all the brave
we know can be found in our bones and blood
if we will breathe together
knowing ourselves a part of this one life
filled with mystery, creativity
and power,
Changing us, growing us, and
calling us into partnership
with all that is.

Come, let us worship together

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