There is nothing
you need to bring with you
to be welcome here
no right beliefs
or proof of citizenship
no eternal optimism
or clarity of conviction
no boundless courage
or endless expertise

You do not need to know
what brought you here
Or how you will
solve that problem
you are turning over and over and over
in your mind

Your bills do not need to be paid
and your checkbook can be a mess
your children may have been up half the night
your hearing aids may not be working
and your knees may be creaking

You do not need to be already perfect
Or even half-way
to belong in this circle
where grace meets us where we are
but does not leave us
as it found us

where love
in each of us
yet is somehow more than all

where life
still pulses and rages and heals and transforms
creating us
and this day
once again.

Come, let us worship together.

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